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The Psychedelic Nightmare

by Turel Caccese

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WARNING The Following Experience is an Experiment about Mind and what's going on inside it. All the tracks were divided into different stages of psychotic and mental statuses. Sometimes it's confusional, sometimes it's hitch, sometimes it's just a representation of the Dream Process. No real voice or instruments are used in this experiment, just samples and memories, because in a dream nothing is real. Welcome to the Psychedelic Nightmare. Carry on during the rapid eye movement phase. In this travel, Time is relative. Please, Listen to the instructions and carry on with your imagination without fear. Please... remember yourself constantly during the experiment. This and other advice will be transmitted during the experiment. Thus our story Begins... Hello YatTah FhurHastEka... how are you?
A mind Traveler is like a Time traveler but without paradox. Mind travel is coherent in his incoherence. Time travel lives in contradiction. One example is Dr Dingle's "Twin Paradox". Two Twins on Travel in different planets, One stay on earth And one is a space cadet. The space cadet make a travel from earth to Venus. If the Cadet Going Back to Earth with the Same Constant Speed, he will find The Brother 8 years more old than him. Time Feeds on the life Like Heart and Mind and their Potential Do you know that breakfast exists during a dream? Good Morning Psycho Traveler... eat something for your travel
1 Egg of Knowledge for run trough history theories, Human Milk for preserve your nature, A Cup of Black Coffee made with a moka for depurate yourself, Bacon and Muffin for contrast your point of view... if you want, add the nails of Jesus Christ just if you want to find a sense in the morning...

Breakfast is the most important phase for your mind dear Yattah. Brain is like a sponge without bob. You have just to absorb all inside you and watch the weather change. Prepare Yourself Yattah! Get ready to remember why you are awake in the dream and not into reality. Remember them... remember the darkmasters...
Destiny and Faith can Take a man To make some choice to understand Learning to mistakes is a good step To save someone to the abyss itself I Tell to me this words everyday and I can't do it the practice to theory This is the reason that take my body To their Mouth so needed and hungry They are the owners of the Salvietta They tell me to get away and wake up I don't listen to them during all the night And the consequence is the War Inside Trough the night with Darkmasters In the eyes of Darkmasters I Just hope in the heat and in it power red lead They wait and still bleed To my Blood and my Meat I'm Listening to their scream Waiting Sunshine hit Waiting to their end And my rise to begin They Scream to My Incoherence and deserve Like the Conscience voice around sleep bed With force, they bring me out And resistance is the Weapon that I found To destroy the Darkmasters To shuts up the Darkmasters Make a Choice for Tomorrow Choose the light of resistance And keep to follow the light For keep sane your mind [Interlude] Now it's time to see a new phase of this travel. In this phase, we will see the effects of a new type of neurons (discovered by italian neurophysiologists) called: mirror neurons. Please, listen the samples and try to connect sounds to memories... Do you. wanna to see a movie?
Instrumental [Coda] Ah ah ah! Meanwhile the Darkmasters and their army try to contrast your travel. Remember that they know everything about your past but nothing about your present. This Mental phase is called... Regret.
Camon Troop! Deviate the Traveler from his path! People wrote... and human ears listen to these words... Darkmasters rise when humans start to believe in fear... 
Yattah... Darkmasters are everywhere... Do you know that everything comes from the source? Find inside you the origins of the regret...

"One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people." Jarod Kintz


"What do I do to make you want me What have I got to do to be heard What do I say when it's all over And sorry seems to be the hardest word" Elton John "The real, affliction, of, old, age, is. remorse." Cesare Pav Acey "There are so many things that I want so badly to tell you but I just can't." Nina LaCour I preach my dear friend You're about to receive Long John Barleycorn Nicotine and the temptation of Eve Yattah! This Army is too big. You can't defeat darkmaster's Lord and his army, alone. In this phase, we will find the connection between inspiration and memories. Everyone have try to follows someone else's steps. Prepare to an hard journey for met your mentor. Feel the inspiration. Be the inspiration. And Then, you will find your way.
Universe pretends travelers Yattah... Universe needs someone who walks on it... and you need only one thing... someone to talk about everything. Find people inside the biggest passion of the universe. Music.
 It's time to create something more powerful than Darkmaster's Lord. And you need this force. Mind Traveler, Connect with the world. Now. 

Make your own hope, you need to believe, not to pray See Everything, taste the life. You will live forever only in your mind but in this world you will die if you're not connect with him. People need to touch each other. People need to love, to smile, to live their life. Love is just a small word that people think it's big. It's Just how you feel when you stay with someone that is important. Love Yattah. Love. Now it's time to make a new friend. Making a Friend...
Prophecy talks about a magic pie called Evil Crostata. You must eat it and evocate: Ubaldus, the ogre, Master of the Guitar and Lord of willpower. He will help you against Darkmaster's Lord. In This Phase you have just to evocate him with the magic words: Ubaldus, is the most greatest lord of willpower in the world. He first do something and just then he talk! 
Ubaldus Rises. Remember His Words: Don't care how difficult and hard is believe in something. The important is that I believe and give a fuck about what you think!
Ubaldus is the most greatest lord of willpower in the world He first do something and just then he talk!

Thoughts Before the End (A Travel Into Reflection) Yattah... your travel is almost over. Just the final battle against Darkmasters separes you to the reality...
In this Phase called Reflection you have just to think for yourself. You feel the future and forget the present. Past seems too far... Remember just the important things of you. Memories are your weapons against the ghost of future. You can't kill something that doesn't exist but sometimes, something that not exist could kill you...

C'è il binomio: sofferenza = amore


A synthetic in-human Concept Album about human Mind.
This album have NO MASTERING, every sound it's just a emulation of an human emotion.


released September 5, 2016

Recorded and Mixed at Alessandro Caccese’ s house in Montecalvo Irpino - ITALY Except track 12: Recorded at Salvietta Studios at the end of more than 3 hours jam session in 2011, Mixed by Giovanni Frusciante All Tracks written by Turel Caccese Sounds created with Arobas Guitar Pro 5 and 6, Auducity 1.3.13 - beta, Apple’s Garage Band 2011 and Gashisoft’s GXSCC (Except Track 12, performed live and without ef- fects by Max Calo’, Kiwi Joshua and Kelvin Apple). Vocals: Alex, Bruce, Princess, Ralph, Zarvox, Cellos, Max . Artwork by Turel Caccese. Hidden, Artworks: Valentina Morelli, Studio Pazzia, Giovanni Frusciante, Turel Caccese, Mastered by : Noone (yet) Additional Loops: drumloopzilla.weebly.com
- Product Loop Master Fish

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Turel Caccese Ariano Irpino, Italy

Videogames and band Songs www.soundcloud.com/andrea-turel-caccese

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